Thursday, 18 October 2012

Roof, walls & windows

Work continues inside the building, and there's now more to see outside as well. Like our roof! We've been told the blue tarp covering our roof while it's under construction is visible from planes flying to the island airport. If you happen to be passing by, take a look!

Sept. 17: Stripping off the roof shingles and laying plywood sheathing.
This photo is taken from the south end of the site, looking north.
(See the Oct. 9th photo below to see what happens with the
upstairs windows.)

Sept. 24: Installing studs for walls on the main floor.

Sept. 24: A blue tarpaulin covers the roof during construction.

Sept. 28: A vapour barrier is added to the roof.

Sept. 28: Drywall studs on the main floor.

Sept. 28: A view of the ground floor.

Oct. 1: Installing the platform for the organ pipes. Although the pipes
are in a fixed location, the organ console will be moveable. We can change its
location depending on how the space is being used.
Oct. 9: New windows in the upstairs common area. These will
be much more energy efficient than the building's original windows.

Oct. 9: When complete, this area will feature windows looking in
at the lounge area near the church's new entrance. It's at
the south-east corner of the building, close to Wineva Avenue.

Oct. 11: Incoming hydro ducts. Maybe not the most exciting photo
but certainly an important part of the construction!

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