Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Balancing Act

During a recent worship service, one of our ministers, Abigail Johnson, reminded us how important it is to have balance in our lives - especially when the going gets tough.

For some folks in our congregration, it would be safe to say that the renovation of our church building and our temporary move to St. Aidan's has been tough.

But if we stop and pay attention to the progress of the renovation so far, we can't help but get excited about our new church home.

Here are the highlights of recent work on the building, along with some great pictures:

  1. Work on the foundation is complete
  2. Drywall is going up - rooms will start taking shape in the next few weeks
  3. The windows are being framed
  4. Work on the roof is underway
  5. Almost all of the structural steel has been installed
Aug 14: Trusses underway for 2nd floor and subfloor plywood being placed

Aug 14: View of the trusses and subfloor on the 2nd floor, looking west

Aug 14: On the 2nd floor, looking towards the southeast corner 
Aug 21: On the 2nd floor, looking southwest.
This is where the future staircase will come up from ground level.
Aug 21: View of the 2nd floor, looking east

Aug 21: View of the 2nd floor, looking north.
The three windows represent the size of the common room that
will be located here.

Aug 27: These are the blades used to cut through the concrete walls
that need to be removed.

Aug 27: On the ground level, drywall delivered on August 21st
is ready to be installed.

Aug 27: Drywall ceilings being installed on the northwest corner
of the ground floor.

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