Thursday, 14 June 2012

A new look at street level

There is a lot of progress on our renovation, but much of the work is hard to see from the street. So here’s the latest....

Most of the work needed on the foundation is complete. And most of the existing structural steel has been reworked and installed for the new wood floor in the sanctuary.

By the way, the sanctuary floor on the second level used to be sloped, but the new floor will be level. That will make it easier to use the space for different functions, as well as making it easier to walk on.

The renovated church will also have an elevator to help move people, food and other supplies from one floor to the next. Masonry work for that is starting soon.

The most obvious change is the building's new look at street level.

The ground outside the church along Wineva is being regraded, and that’s probably what you’ll notice most the next time you walk by the site. Lowering the grading means we will be able to enter the building at street level, and the rooms on the ground floor will have more sunlight.

You can see the difference in the before-and-after photos:

Before: built-up landscaping meant the front entrance
was on the church's 2nd floor. You had to climb stairs to reach it,
and the lower floor didn't have any windows at the front.

After: removing the landscaping and lowering the grade makes
the church will be more accessible from street level. Windows
will be added to the lower floor, where the church offices will
be located.

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