Saturday, 26 May 2012

What's happening now?

Looking north-east.
The beams supported the old sanctuary floor
Demolition is complete...

The building site is much quieter than it was a few weeks ago -  no more trucks backing in and out of the site, taking away dumpster after dumpster of the remains of the old church building.

Inside, the balcony has been removed, as has the sanctuary floor. The demolition, both inside and out, is complete.

For the moment, it's one very large, very open, space.

Many thanks to our neighbours for your patience during this phase!

Looking north north-west.

...but the work continues inside!

In spite of the relative quiet outside, work continues inside the building.

Foundation work and underpinning are well underway, and should be complete by the end of May.

A new floor slab has been poured in the northwest corner of the basement, where our new elevator will be located.

Steel work will start soon, as will the under floor plumbing and electrical work.

Old sanctuary exit
(doors into narthex)
Foundation work and
New floor slab and
future site of the elevator

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