Thursday, 1 August 2013

It's almost ready!

Here are some photos taken at the end of July. Our renovated church is looking good!

UPDATE! Our first service in the new space will be held Sunday, September 29th. Join us for the opening ceremonies at 10am, followed by worship service at 10:30am. All are welcome!

Here's where that first service will be held, in the worship space on the upper floor:

Looking west: you can see the glass-walled meeting space and 
nursery area along the west wall. 

Looking north-east

Looking south-west

Looking south-east

Food - preparing it and sharing it - is very important to us at Beach United. We designed the kitchen to make it easy for people to cook together, whether they are enthusiastic amateurs or skilled professionals.

The kitchen will have lots of room and light.
New, commercial-grade appliances have been installed. 
An efficient dishwashing station, to make it easier to clean up
after cooking and serving.
Meeting space is important to us too. We designed lots of multipurpose space that can be used by different groups.

This is the meeting space located on the west wall of the worship space.
The glass partitions can be pulled back if overflow space is needed
for large gatherings in the worship space.
The large meeting room on the main floor has adjustable partitions,
to create two smaller meeting spaces if needed.
The main floor has flexible, functional office space for the ministers and administrative staff:

Here's what you'll see when you walk along the main floor corridor, approaching the stairs that lead up to the worship space:

On the right are the sliding doors that open up into the meeting room
The kitchen and elevator are located at the end of the hall, past the stairs.

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