Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Take a look behind the walls

Here are some recent photos of the interior construction.

Steel beams have been put in place to hold the new second floor, providing a level surface for worship services, performances and community celebrations. (The original floor at this level was sloped, making it difficult to use the space in a flexible way.)

We're creating a more functional space for what will be the main floor of the church. This space used to feel like it was below ground. Now the floor has been lowered and the built-up landscaping outside the church has been removed. This makes a much more welcoming space at street level that will house meeting rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, washrooms and the church office.

The pouring of concrete for the new main floor is scheduled for the first week of August.

Inside the church, looking west. The lower set of horizontal steel
beams are creating the platform for the second floor. The upper set 
of beams will support the organ loft.
Inside the church, looking up at the southwest corner.
Another view of the steel beams.
View of the north wall from the main floor.
View of the northwest corner from the main floor.

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