Monday, 9 April 2012

Work has begun!

Beach United's north building will be redesigned.
It's now apparent to anyone passing by our church building that something big is happening! After months of planning, construction work is now underway.

With the connecting structure removed, you can see that we actually have two church buildings on this site. The north building, which houses our sanctuary, will be retained and dramatically redesigned to incorporate a kitchen, meeting space and offices. The south building will be demolished completely.

All the stained glass and other valuable property that we want to keep for our redesigned building has been carefully removed and put into storage.


HOMe said...

Demolition of the south portion of the building is expected to take until the end of April.

HOMe said...

We continue to plan for solar panels on the roof our renovated building.
A solar pv installation the size of BUC's proposal could:
- reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 35 tonnes each year going forward
- provide equivalent environmental benefits of planting over 170 trees annually in this area
- reduce equivalent emissions of over 50,000 kilometres driven on our roads each year
Stay tuned for more updates on this project.

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